Military Tent



Military Tent

Length x Width: 6 x 12 Meter:

Center Height: 3.2 Meter

Wall Height: 1.80 Meter

Outer Fold: 560 GSM PollyCotton Canvas
Mud Flap: Made of White HDPE Fabric 20cm on Wall & 20cm as Mud Flap
Mosquito Netting: Polyester Mesh
Frame: 58 mm Steel Ridge Pole, 25 mm Steel Wall Sticks
Self Life: Min.5 Year

Life Span: Mini.1 year Easily

Color: Olive Green / Customizable

Doors: 2 Doors

Windows: 4 Windows

Packing Unit 210 x 60 x 60 cm

Content: Tent body and Frame poles

20' Container: 33 Unit

40' Container: 75 Unit

Ground Sheeting
Waterproof, Rot Proof
Large Doors and Windows For Optimal Ventilation
36 - 40 Person


A military tent is a type of tent that designed and used by military personnel in a variety of outdoor situations. Military tents come in different sizes and shapes and designed to be durable, portable, and easy to set up.

Some common types of military tents include:

  1. General-purpose tents: These large tents used for a variety of purposes, such as living quarters, command centers, and storage areas. They  typically made of heavy-duty materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  2. Small tents: These smaller tents used for individual shelter or for small groups of soldiers. They typically lightweight and easy to carry.
  3. Modular tents: These tents that can connected together to create larger structures. They often used to create a larger living area or command center.

Military tents designed to be functional, with features like mosquito netting, waterproofing, and ventilation systems. They also designed to be easy to set up and take down, with features like color-coded poles and quick-release buckles.

Military tents commonly used in situations where troops need to be deployed quickly and need temporary shelter. They also used in training exercises, disaster relief operations, and other outdoor activities. where protection from the elements is necessary. Customization is available


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