School/Hospital Winterized Frame Tent



School/ Hospital Winterized Frame Tent

Length x Width: 5 x 8 Meter:

Center Height: 3.00 Meter

Wall Height: 2.00 Meter

Upper Fly: Made Of HDPE Fabric of 250 GSM. Size of the Fly Sheet To Be Over Sized By 50 cm Compared to Outer Tent.
Outer Fly: Single Fold of 454 GSM Waterproof & Rot Proof Canvas
Inner Tent: Double Fold, Where Outer Fold Is Made Od 454 GSM &Rot proof Canvas. Inner Fold Is Made of Dyed Cotton Lining of 120 GSM
Ground Sheet: Separated Sheet Made Of HDPE Fabric of 200 GSM. Size of The Ground Sheet is as Per Size of The Tent.
Mud Flap: Made of White HDPE Fabric 20cm on Wall & 20cm as Mud Flap
Mosquito Netting: Polyester Mesh
Frame: 48mm Painted iron Poles
Self Life: Min.5 Year

Life Span: Mini.1 year Easily

Color: Natural White/ Customizable

Doors: 2 Doors

Windows: 12 Windows

Packing Unit: 210 x 70 x 70 cm

Content: Tent body and Frame poles

20' Container: 24 Unit

40' Container: 55 Unit

Ground Sheeting
Waterproof, Rot Proof
Large Doors and Windows For Optimal Ventilation
20- 25 Persons

1 review for School/Hospital Winterized Frame Tent

  1. Taimur Muhammad

    It is very large and beautiful.this is a big shelter for homeless people.this is very helpful in any desaster.pakistani can help the needy people.for educational purposes this is very cheap.student take their classes in this tent.this is also use in winter and wedding seasons.this can b use for mosque and madrassa for basic education.and for hospital…

    • admnz

      This tent use for many purpose

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