School/Hospital Winterized Frame Tent



School/ Hospital Winterized Frame Tent

Length x Width: 5 x 8 Meter:

Center Height: 3.00 Meter

Wall Height: 2.00 Meter

Upper Fly: Made Of HDPE Fabric of 250 GSM. Size of the Fly Sheet To Be Over Sized By 50 cm Compared to Outer Tent.
Outer Fly: Single Fold of 454 GSM Waterproof & Rot Proof Canvas
Inner Tent: Double Fold, Where Outer Fold Is Made Od 454 GSM &Rot proof Canvas. Inner Fold Is Made of Dyed Cotton Lining of 120 GSM
Ground Sheet: Separated Sheet Made Of HDPE Fabric of 200 GSM. Size of The Ground Sheet is as Per Size of The Tent.
Mud Flap: Made of White HDPE Fabric 20cm on Wall & 20cm as Mud Flap
Mosquito Netting: Polyester Mesh
Frame: 48mm Painted iron Poles
Self Life: Min.5 Year

Life Span: Mini.1 year Easily

Color: Natural White/ Customizable

Doors: 2 Doors

Windows: 12 Windows

Packing Unit: 210 x 70 x 70 cm

Content: Tent body and Frame poles

20' Container: 24 Unit

40' Container: 55 Unit

Ground Sheeting
Waterproof, Rot Proof
Large Doors and Windows For Optimal Ventilation
20- 25 Persons


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