Single Pole Field Tent



Single Pole Deluxe Tent

Length x Width: 4 x 4 Meter:

Center Height: 2.80 Meter

Wall Height: 1.80 Meter

Outer Fold: 580 GSM PollyCotton Canvas
Middle Fold: Non Woven Fabric120 GSM Black Color Sheeting
Inner Fold: Breathable Dyed Printed Cotton Sheeting of 140 G / m2
Mud Flap: Made of White HDPE Fabric 20cm on Wall & 20cm as Mud Flap
Mosquito Netting: Polyester Mesh
Frame: 58 mm Steel Ridge Pole (Center), 25 mm Steel Wall Sticks ( 16 Sticks )
Self Life: Min.5 Year

Life Span: Mini.1 year Easily

Color: Natural White / Customizable

Doors: 2 Doors

Windows: 4 Windows

Packing Unit 210 x 45 x 45 cm

Content: Tent body and Frame poles

20' Container: 105 Units

40' Container: 210 Units

Ground Sheeting
Waterproof, Rot Proof
Large Doors and Windows For Optimal Ventilation
6 - 8 Person


Single pole field tent is a type of camping tent that uses a single pole to support the structure. The design typically includes a central pole that extends vertically from the ground and supports the tent’s peak, with the tent’s walls sloping down to the ground. The tent usually staked down around the perimeter to keep it in place.

Single pole field tents often used by backpackers and hikers due to their lightweight design and ease of setup. They also popular for military use, as they durable and can set up quickly in the field.

One advantage of Single pole field tent is that they offer a lot of headroom and interior space compared to other types of tents with similar footprints. However, the sloping walls can limit usable interior space and make it difficult to sit up in the tent. Additionally, field tents are not as stable in high winds as other tent designs that use multiple poles or guy lines for support.



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