Sleeping Mat

Sleeping Mat

Size: 80 x 0.90 M

Weight: 800 grams/pc

Make: Made up of 100% Synthetic Yarns in a Tightly Woven 2/2 Twill Structure Using a no Filament Warp and Flat Tape Weft

Colour: 8 Assorted Colour

Logo: Logo Will be Printed on Cotton Cloth and Stitched on one Corner

Finish: All The Edges are Secured With a Woven, Bias-Binding Tape With Stitches, Zig Zag Type Through The Fabric of The Mat.

Packing: Sleeping Mats are Packed in Bales of 25 Pieces. Bales First Wrapped in Polythene and Then Covered With Polypropylene


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